Return & Cancel Order

Our company will think from customer's point of view and act thoughtfully so that there will be no friction on return and refund problem with customers.

Return Policy


You can request for exchange or return within 14 days from receipt of goods.

Returns must be requested to us first and the returns are available only if approved.
Contact us by clicking “Contact Us”.
We will response to your email within 12 hours.

Refunds will be processed after the return goods arrive to us.

If the reason for the return is defective or you have received a wrong item different from that you ordered, all the costs incurred in return will be paid by us and the amount of the item will be refunded to you in full. 


Cancel Order


Some customers request a cancellation right after they have placed an order.

Our company’s system directly sends the order information to the delivery team right after a customer has placed an order.

Thus, even if you request a cancellation right after placing an order, it is impossible for you to cancel the order.

I hope you purchase the products with this in mind. 

You have no choice but to receive the product first and request for a return to us.

We ask for your understanding, as this is how the company’s system works.


We promise a refund!

We try our best to not cause any issues with return, refund, etc. We put you before us.